Last Saturday, I told you all in my post “Makeup That Won’t Kill You” that I had something exciting to share with you. I’m back to let the cat out of the bag!

Young Living is known as the world leader in essential oils… and they’ve branched out into makeup now. I could talk for hours on how much I love Savvy Minerals, but let me sum it up: 1) It’s seriously JUST as good, if not better, as the makeup I was previously buying from Sephora, and 2) It’s free of all the crap like talc, bismuth, and parabens, that can lead to cancer, hormone disruption, reproductive issues, etc.

Okay, here’s the big surprise:


Young Living has released a Savvy Minerals Premium Starter Kit! Yeah, I know. Holy Toledo. Best. News. Ever!!!


To buy each of these pieces individually, you’d be paying $263.83 (noooo thank youuuu). The Savvy Minerals Premium Starter Kit is only $150! I can’t pass up a deal like that… and I might be ordering a Kit for myself!

The Savvy Minerals Premium Starter Kit comes in 4 different skin tones, and each come with eyeshadow, blush, and lipgloss colors that complement your skin tone and bring out your natural beauty:

Intro1 (1)

The makeup is super forgiving– so don’t panic if you don’t know if you got the right foundation color!– and anyone can use it, no matter your comfort level with makeup. It’s for both makeup mavens and those who prefer a sweet and simple face.

Here is what each foundation shade looks like on real people (for reference, I wear Warm 2, but in summer, I’m more of a Dark 1):

Before&After (1)You are more of a COOL if your veins appear blue and you look best in silver jewelry. You are more of a WARM if your veins appear green and you look best in gold jewelry.

We’re hosting an awesome event on Facebook that explains Savvy Minerals in more detail and offers tons of tutorials and education on how to use it and find the right colors for you. I’ll be talking about the awesome Savvy Minerals BRUSHES in the event tonight at 7:30 Eastern/6:30pm Central. Join the fun!

When you’re ready to dive in– what are you waiting for?– check out this deal I’m offering until the end of February: 27540449_1785892264818782_4259976434062781885_n

That’s right! Order your Savvy Minerals Premium Starter Kit by February 28 at 11:59pm and I’ll add $15 to your account! You could buy some Savvy Eyeliner or Lipstick, or try out an essential oil or another product or two! I’ll also be with you every step of the way, providing tutorials, tips, and tricks so you can get the MOST out of your new makeup! Get started here!

This is so exciting, and I cannot WAIT for you to join me and get foxy without the toxy!

With love,


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