DIY: Mermaid Hair

I’ve always been obsessed with my hair… even as a little girl. I can thank my mom for the countless years of braids and barrettes.

I’ve been chemically treating and heat styling my hair for over 10 years and all of that really takes a toll on your hair. I began wondering how I could promote healthy, strong, shiny hair while not having to give up being blonde?

I found a recipe called Mermaid Hair that uses my Young Living oils and lets me have it all. My hair is staying healthy, I’m protecting it from damage, and using heat on it less often has really brought the natural wave I’ve been coveting for as long as I can remember!
Because I don’t wash my hair daily, I spray it on my hair on days when I do wash (every 2-3 days). Here is the recipe!

Mermaid Hair

• 8oz glass spray bottle (I prefer trigger bottles because they seem to clog less. I got mine here.)

• 30 drops Young Living Cedarwood Essential oil

• 30 drops Young Living Rosemary essential oil

• 30 drops Young Living Lavender essential oil

• 2-4oz Thayer’s Alcohol Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel (available at Target & Amazon)

• Distilled water (optional; just dilutes it. It’s a matter of personal preference if the scent is too strong or it makes your hair greasy)

Combine all oils and the witch hazel in the spray bottle. Shake before every use, spray all over your hair, and massage in areas that you feel need a little TLC. I only use Mermaid Hair when my hair is wet, but you can use it on dry hair or as an overnight mask, also. The Cedarwood and Lavender essential oils make for an extremely restful aroma!

Cute labels can be found here!

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