Product Review: The Modkat Litter Box

Almost a month ago, I brought my Daisy home! She’s the sweetest little girl (now that she isn’t chewing everything up and actually sleeps through the night). She sleeps by me every night and wakes me up with a million kisses every morning, loves holding hands, and sings when she eats. Her favorite toy is currently…. a plastic straw.

So anyways. Cats are cute (but seriously weird) creatures who, for the most part, are really clean. But, they poop in a box. Which is generally convenient, but can also be the literal bane of your existence.

Because I live in an apartment, my space is really limited as it is, and a litter box has to go in my bathroom… which happens to be connected to my bedroom. So, in absolutely NO WAY was I going to have a garden-variety litter box aka an open box of poop (let’s call it an OBP from now on, just for dignity’s sake). First of all, they’re ugly as sin. Second, poop smells. Sorry, but someone has to say it. Also, OBPs are just asking for a tragedy: knowing me, I’d step out of the shower and right into it, or end up losing control of a lipstick, only to find it bottomed up in the OBP. No thanks.

I did a lot of searching for the perfect litter box: did I want a self-cleaning one? Not having to scoop would be super great! But I realized that no, they’re actually not that great because they’re pretty cumbersome and they get…. er, jammed…. and I refuse to deal with that.
Did I want a three-tray litter sifting system? Sure, it’d make cleanup easy, but it’s still a freakin’ OBP.
What about toilet training? I entertained that thought for like .5 seconds and laughed.
That’s when I realized I wanted a covered litter boxes, but all covered litter boxes are not attractive and say “HEY I HAVE A CAT AND THIS IS HER LITTER BOX AND I’M REALLY TRYING TO BE DISCREET ABOUT IT IS IT WORKING?”

Luckily, I found the Modkat Litter Box and it looked like everything my litter box dreams were made of. Sleek, modern, and legitimately discreet– like, I could imagine visitors not knowing that’s where my kitten did her business. It’s a top-entry with a little “grate” on top so that litter tracking is reduced (bonus #1), is completely seamless which means no leaks (bonus #2), comes in super chic colors that match anyone’s decor (bonus #3), and has a tarpaulin liner that you can just lift up and pour out when it’s time to change the litter (bonus #4). I was entirely sold on all of these points. I choked down the high price point, and I can honestly tell you it was one of the best purchases I’ve made.

Daisy adjusted to it naturally. She was only about 13 weeks old when I introduced the Modkat to her, so that could have helped. Though the odor isn’t entirely contained, does anyone honestly– HONESTLY– expect it to be? Scooping is not hard nor is it time consuming, so as soon as I can do it, I do, and into the Litter Genie it goes. And that’s that.
Litter tracking is super minimal. When Daisy finishes, she jumps up onto the top platform which catches the majority of the litter stuck in her toes. This makes my life a lot easier. It’s also a lot more attractive than an OBP and has been a breeze to clean thanks to the tarpaulin liner.

The only thing I don’t love about this is that it might be a little too small for some cats. It can be difficult for your cat to bury if they tend to utilize the corners, and bigger cats might have some difficulty getting in and out. Beyond that, I love it. I’m so happy with my purchase and can’t imagine going back to an OBP. Ever.

Here are some pics of Daisy modeling the Modkat. She seems to love it… and what more can you ask for with a cat?


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